5 of the Best Mezcal Bars (Mezcalerías) in Mexico City

Mezcal is one of the trendiest drinks in Mexico City. Mezcal bars have popped up everywhere, and brands are gaining international recognition. 

If you enjoy this deliciously smoky drink, be sure to check out these 5 spots, which are among the best Mezcal bars or Mezcalerías in Mexico City

La Clandestina


This cool Mexico City mezcaleria is a character-rich space  full of little nooks in which to sit. The brick walls are filled with paintings created by Mexican artists, except for one wall that is which is entirely taken up with a collection of glass vats- each different in colour and flavour, with tubes snaking out of them.

The popular bar boasts a range of some 22 different mezcals to choose from. Some are almost whisky like in their complexity and smokiness. Served in shot glasses, your mezcal comes with an accompanying dish, like orange slices and sal de gusano,  with which to garnish your great drink in the traditional manner. Bottles are available to buy.

You can easily get there from La Palomilla by foot. The adress is  Avenida Álvaro Obregón 298, Condesa

Corazón de Maguey

Corazon de maguey.jpg

In the South of the city, in Coyoacán by Frida Kahlo’s home is Corazón de Maguey. It’s more like a restaurant than a bar, and certain elements feel somewhat touristy. But don’t let that dissuade you, this place is solid. They offer their own brand, Alipus, as well as a wide selection of other mezcals. Go for a cocktail here as they offer delicious options like a mezcal negroni. It’s pricier than most other mezcalerias in the city but it’s worth it.

You can get there from La Palomilla taking an uber, is a 25 minute ride to Parque Centenario 9A in, Coyoacán.




Bósforo is tucked away on a dark street in the middle of the historic center. You enter through a red curtain that leads to a simple space with a second story mezzanine. The bartenders share advice about their favorite mezcals. It’s a comfortable space that never gets too crowded, even on weekends. They also have delicious snacks like chapulines, or grasshoppers roasted with chile and lime. After a couple of drinks, check out the Palacio de Bellas Artes. It’s incredible when lit up at night.
You can get there from La Palomilla taking the subway from Sevilla station to Bellas Artes station. The exact locaion is in  Luis Moya 31, Colonia Centro

Mano Santa


Mano Santa is a small, cozy bar, with an excellent mezcal variety, a nice music selection, and just the right mood for a calm evening. These guys produce their own mezcal, and they have won several awards due to its quality. Before they opened their Insurgentes location, Mano Santa operated in a small apartment that made the whole experience feel extremely friendly and casual. They now have a bigger place, but the vibes are still the same.

You can just take a walk from La Palomilla to get there in Insurgentes Sur 219, Roma Nte



Restaurante Antolina, is located in La Condesa and is revolutionizing what we thought we knew about the native cuisine of Mexico, and especially the mezcal.Chef Adolfo Schwalge is in charge of the kitchen and is an authentic tribute to mezcalerías. His menu shows that creativity is not divorced from tradition. It combines classic ingredients from certain regions of the country (especially Oaxaca) with culinary variations, which make their dishes a rediscovery of what anyone might think they had tried before.

To get there just take a short walk from La Palomilla. Visit them at Aguascalientes 232, Hipódromo.

Now that you know our favorite spots, which one will you go to first?

Claudia López