Human Behaviour: Björk was here

Björk isn’t the only world famous musician that enjoys walking through this beautiful city. Check this out.


This week, one of the most famous and eclectic artists of our time, Björk, is performing three concerts at Parque Bicentenario, an open venue in the northern part of CDMX. This is one of the few times the icelandic singer has visited Mexico, despite the huge amount of mexican fans she has. She came here for the first time in 2007. Many people thought she would never come back, but, you know? Once you come down to Mexico City, you always want to come back. It’s a fact. 

The singer was spotted earlier this week, walking through the streets of La Roma. That’s right! Our neighborhood! She seemed so happy and relaxed. And we don’t blame her, La Roma has some seriously cool vibes that make it a must-visit spot in the City.

Björk in La Roma.

Björk in La Roma.

Damon Albarn

Best known as the frontman of the english rock band Blur, and the mastermind behind the virtual band Gorillaz, Damon Albarn certainly enjoys Mexico City. Of course, the huge fandom both his bands have make him come very often to the City. Also, one thing we love about Damon is that he isn’t much of a “stay in the hotel” kinda guy, as he’s been spotted many times hangin’ around the City, sipping a cup of coffee, taking pictures with his fans or in full tourist mode.

Anyway, it would be our pleasure to be your host, Damon. Hit us up! ;)


Thom Yorke

Can you imagine? You’re in the middle of a nice chat with a friend at your favorite restaurant at La Roma when one of the most influential musicians of all time walks in, seats a couple tables away and orders the same thing you’re having.

Yep. That happens very often at our neighborhood. There are so many cool spots in La Roma, that you never know when you and your favorite artist are gonna cross paths.

Last time he was in Mexico, Thom Yorke, lead singer from one of our all-time favorite bands, Radiohead, was seen (guess where?) at La Roma! Only a few blocks away from La Palomilla. We wish we heard about it sooner.

This was taken only 4 blocks away from La Palomilla.

This was taken only 4 blocks away from La Palomilla.

But… what makes Mexico City so special? What’s so awesome about La Roma?

That’s something you should definitely figure out yourself. We’ll be so happy to have you here at La Palomilla and give you the best tips so that your stay becomes unforgettable.

Sandra Sandoval