about us

La Palomilla is a unique 7-bedroom boutique Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of La Roma, the safest neighbourhood in Mexico City.

We are conveniently located a block from Lardo, 3 blocks from the Chapultepec Castle and Anthropologie museum and 4 blocks away from Contramar.

I’m going to meet up with “mi Palomilla” is a phrase as storied as Mexico itself. In Mexico, “Palomilla” refers to your closest group of friends, those who make life worth living. Roma Norte, where our historical building stands, was the hub for our most iconic “Palomillas”: artists, writers and the great thinkers of our history.

Our house contains over 100 years of amazing stories of friendship. That’s why I was inspired to fill each of its seven rooms with art, music, happiness, and Mexican culture – based on the stories of my own strongest friendships.

As we are a dedicated green business, each corner of La Palomilla was conceived with sustainability and eco-friendly practices in mind. You’ll find the unique style of dozens of talented artisans reflected in your room and throughout the bed and breakfast. From the bed sheets to the soap, almost every element of La Palomilla supports a Mexican business or artisan. We’re excited to welcome you to La Palomilla and to continue the tradition of filling this home with great stories.