our story

“I’m going to meet up with my palomilla” is a phrase as storied as Mexico itself. In Mexico, “palomilla” refers to your closest group of friends. We want our Palomilla B&B to be that place where you can turn to again and again for solace, fun, and a cozy refuge.

Roma Norte, where our historical building stands, was the hub for iconic groups of “palomillas”, including artists, and writers. The house contains over 100 years of amazing stories of friendship.

Alessandra, the founder and owner, was inspired to fill each of its seven rooms with art, music, happiness, and Mexican culture–all entwined with stories of her own friendships. The walls, objects and furniture in each of the rooms reflect a part of a special person–and a part of a special country.

Rana, the nickname for a friend who’s a writer, is represented in one of the rooms. Emo, a music lover’s nickname, in another. Rana’s novels and Mexican narrative join forces in a room full of exvotos, or votive offerings. Emo’s love for music pairs with vinyl records and lyrics by Mexican artists on the walls of the “Emo” room.

Vivi’s grit is framed by a “lucha libre” décor, and Eliz’s playful attitude is portrayed through traditional Mexican toys. The combinations go on with Kramer’s affinity for sports and nature, Tolu’s yoga practice and spirituality, and Luni’s artistry.

The sum of these rooms make up a mosaic of Mexican tradition and a collage of the owner’s palomilla.

We’re excited to welcome you to La Palomilla and to continue the tradition of filling this home with great stories.