experience Mexico City


mezcal tasting

There is this secret art gallery 2 blocks away from La Palomilla. You will never have better and most authentic Mezcales. This experience includes 5 gourmet dishes and 5  mezcales “silvestres”. Ask us about times and dates and let us know if you have food restrictions.


journey in La Merced

On this experience you’ll gain an overview of one of the most vibrant street food scenes in the world. For generations, this was the only wholesale market in the city, a thriving epicenter of commerce with just about every edible product you can imagine, clothes, cooking utensils, typical sweets and more. Moving from stand to stand you’ll sample Mexican antojitos at the market, learn about pre hispanic ingredients and take a stroll through one of the oldest areas of downtown.


San Juan Gourmet Market and Street Food Experience

Known for its selection of exotic and gourmet products, if you are a food lover, a trip to the San Juan Market is a must. On this experience we’ll visit the market’s fruit, vegetable, mole and dried chile stands. You’ll sample seafood tostadas, homemade mole, blue-corn tlacoyos and a Mexican cheese tasting. To quench your thirst, you’ll try pulque, a traditional alcoholic beverage from central Mexico.


cooking lessons 

Learn from our renowned chefs the secrets of Mexican Cuisine. Have a salsa making class, a street food taco class or learn how to make sopes and churros from scratch.. Dinner is served!


lucha libre and mariachis

Nothing more exciting than a classic wrestling match and a night full of folkloric music! Experience the passion of the arena. Afterwards, head to one of the most typical musical sites in town, grab drinks and enjoy the best mariachi music in a fascinating urban scenario.


side B neighborhoods

Explore less known areas of the city. Walk by important modern monuments, historic houses, urban artistic expressions and the different architectonic currents that inhabit our city. You’ll be able to appreciate the city’s constant changes through history. Drink pulque (pre-hispanic drink) and discover what real tacos are all about.


cantina journey

A selection of the most representative and historic “cantinas” (Traditional Bars). Spend a traditional afternoon like the Mexicans from the good old days while you taste traditional food, drinks, and appreciate our history and culture.


private experience to Teotihuacan

Get to know Teotihuacán alongside a Mexico City expert. You will be guided during your walk along the pyramids and will be told the stories about the ancient city. The experience includes transport.


historic center

Built on top of the ancient Mexica City of Tenochitlán, the Centro is a layered picture of our national history. Come discover the many hidden spots where the pre hispanic and the colonial times meet in unexpected ways.