5 festivals you must experience in Mexico City

In Mexico City there are many yearly festivals, from film fests to three-day music fests.. Where to begin? Well, we’ve made this short guide to our favorite five. So, whether you are a culture fan or an artistic person, you’ll know exactly which event you need to get a ticket for right now.

Ambulante Film Festival

Foto:  Ambulante

Foto: Ambulante

Ambulante is a documentary film festival that makes its anual stop in Mexico City around the first semester of the year. It puts on a wide variety of documentary films. You can see them at screenings, workshops and panels at distinct locations across the city. If you are a big fan of Gael García or Diego Luna, this festival is a must-see because they are two of Ambulante’s original founders and often show up at events. The perfect festival for documentary film fans.

Many of the screenings take place in our neighborhood, so you can easily get there from La Palomilla.

Vive Latino

A very cool option for music people is definitely the Vive Latino festival. For two days, this established event brings together the best Latin music performers on the scene for a massive concert series at Foro Sol. With a broad scope of musical talents and genres on the roster each year; they recently begun to invite big name non-latin artists too, so this is a mix of music which guarantees a great experience.

To get there from La Palomilla you can use the Metro from Sevilla station to Puebla station.

Zona Maco

If you are more of an art person, the contemporary art festival Zona Maco can be your kind of event in Mexico City. This takes place during the chillier months of the year; during early February to be precise. For three days some of the city’s best and most prestigious art galleries put on special exhibitions focusing on contemporary artwork, opening their doors to the festival goers. Don’t forget your smartphone. (Lots of Instagrammable moments).

This event is located in north of the city, to get there you can take an Uber from La Palomilla.

Corona Capital

One of our favorite options for music festival lovers, probably one of the capital’s most popular music events: Corona Capital. Each autumn this festival brings together a diverse set of performers from across the world and puts on an amazing live show. (Think Coachella but with more cement). If you are in the city this is a festival you can’t miss it, if you don’t have any plans this fall, you already know where the hippest music festival will happen.

To get there from La Palomilla you can take Metro from Sevilla station to Puebla station.

Festival del Día de Muertos

Foto:  Megalópolis

One of Mexico’s biggest cultural events, the day of the dead, has its very own festival in Mexico City: El Festival del día de Muertos. Each year Coyoacán (a neighborhood in the south of the City) hosts a celebration in its park where you can taste tamales and atole, the traditional meal of the season. From late October to early November you can observe the sacred traditions and pay your respects to the dead.

To get there from La Palomilla you can take an Uber.

Now you know what you can do from January to December in the city- so we hope to see you here and even better have you at our home, La Palomilla also your house. Welcome home, Mexico City is waiting for you!